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Emergency Dispatcher/Call Taker Spanish
On:3/5/2019 to 3/6/2019
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Alentado Training Consultants, LLC Presents
Emergency Dispatcher/Call Taker Spanish
Hosted By Richland Mississippi Police Department
293 Walker Circle Richland Mississippi 39218
March 4-6th 2019

Alentado Training Consultats, LLC conducts Spanish languge training 33 states with participants that speak little or knowledge of Spanish largnge to native speakers. All of our trained instructors are current or past law enforcement officers to lend credibility to the program and audience. Andrea Alentado Hague renamed Partners in Trainirg Consultants, to Alentado Trainirg Conwltants to honor her father. Jose Alentado, the Founder of In Trainirg Consultants, was the former Progam Manager of the FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING CENTER Spanish Progams and has been involved in the developmmt of Spanish training since 1987

This course is designed to familiarize the call-taker with several objectives. Alentado Consultants, LLC uses the instructional methodology founded by Jose Alentado. The students will identify the following: Controlling an incoming call using ATCs "yes or no" and "questions in the answer" System regardless of the amount of Spanish language knowledge possessed by the call-taker.

  • Determining the service required by the monolingual Spanish speaker: whether the required service is medical, criminal and/or related to a fire.
  • Sending the required service to the correct location.
  • Calling callers who either intentionally or unintentionally dialed 911; determining if there is an emergency and advising the caller that the responders are en route.
  • Determining officer safety by obtaining information from the caller to determine if the offender and/or weapons are still present.
  • Obtaining preliminary information when the caller requests emergency medical or fire services pertaining to the situation.
  • Obtain preliminary offense or incident information pertaining to the incident called in and determine suspect description.
  • When necessary, give information pertaining to location of vehicles which may have been towed or individuals who may have been taken into custody.
NOTE: The Public Safety Emergency Dispatcher/Call-Taker Front Desk Personnel Spanish Program is designed to SAVE YOUR AGENCY MONEY! A very large majority of coming calls are for non-emergency situations. Your personal, upon graduating from this program should be able to handle most incoming calls from Spanish speakers thus reducing your agency's need for expensive language translation services.

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